Tam Hodge


"The pains of my past lost their sting
when I realized their purpose."

Purpose. That one word is the driving force behind everything I am, and everything I do. We all want purpose, but not everyone believes they have it - and that is a big fat lie that I am committed to exposing and shattering.

That is my purpose, equipped with the lessons my journey has taught me; I get to come alongside others to encourage and empower, helping them to find their freedom and their purpose.


It took me most of my adult life to find my brave – to find the courage to speak my truth, letting others in on my journey. The most important lesson I have learned from that is people are eagerly waiting for someone to ‘go first.’ Hearing another’s redemption story gives people hope for their journey. And what could be better than handing out hope to others?


Barb Roose, Co-leader Fabulous Women's Conference
Tam Hodge riveted our Fabulous Women’s Conference crowd with her compelling story and her authenticity. We loved her ‘just-a-girl-like-you’ style and sense of humor. Most of all, Tam pointed the ladies toward Jesus and begged them to draw to him.
Chad Jarnigan, Founder of LUMINOUS project
“Tam wields her voice for good. Her layers of transparency and vulnerability is refreshing as much as it is meaningful. Her story, heart, and worldview will resonate with any crowd she is in front of.:
Shannon O'Brien, Lipscomb Director of Women's Ministry
“Tam Hodge is authentic and candid. Her story is one that makes you lean in and wonder what’s next. I witnessed her transparency and a great sense of humor break down walls.. By the end of her story and speaking- listeners were laughing, crying, and filled with hope. ”

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This riveting read will leave you astounded, laughing, and hope-filled. Tam takes you on a journey through her life; a life filled with abuse and personal choices that nearly ended everything. She invites you into her freedom journey with open hands and a warm heart – understanding we all walk hard roads, but we don’t have to walk them alone.

A short, fun, and challenging read to jump-start your motivation. In this eBook, you will rediscover what you are excited about it and find inspiration to resurrect that passion once more! With simple, yet thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter, you can begin planning the changes needed when you choose to get your life back.

Every child wants to know they matter. In this light-hearted, fun and engaging story, Charlie The Stork will take your child on a journey. A journey that will remind them how important they are to this world and how everything they choose in life makes a difference. This book is beautifully illustrated and inspires both children and adults alike.


I knew at an early age that I was supposed to help people. Some of my youngest childhood memories involve me role-playing helping “counseling” others. As I got older and navigated some incredibly hard life choices while also surviving several types of abuse, I realized I was being prepared to share my experiences and healing journey with you!



I don’t know that I would be living with the same sense of peace and purpose if it were not for the guidance of my dear friend and mentor, Tammy Hodge. In times of personal, relational, and spiritual struggle, Tammy has provided wise counsel that undoubtedly helped me see the next right step in my journey. Her care for others comes from a very genuine place, as someone who understands the power of grace and second chances.LW


I’ve always felt so comfortable talking with Tam about different growth opportunities in my life. Her guidance taken from her own experiences has opened my eyes to examining some deep rooted issues I needed to address. I knew there wasn’t much that she hadn’t been through which allowed me to be honest with how I was feeling, knowing I was not being judged. I’m so grateful to have her in my life!GF


Tam is a thoughtful, caring intentional coach. During our time together, she asked questions that would quickly get to the heart of the issue we were working on. While she always communicated with warmth and compassion, she did not hesitate to offer words of clarity and wisdom. She is approachable, authentic, and supportive, which created an environment where I could determine my best next steps.AS

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