I believe one of the hardest moments in life is having to look at yourself in the mirror and decide to take responsibility for your choices — Coming face to face with the reality that in order to see changes you must first choose to make changes. 

I believe at our core, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we know the things in our lives that need changed. But sometimes we delay. Perhaps it’s because of laziness, fear, rebellion… I don’t know, but it doesn’t negate the fact that change is needed. 

And if we delay long enough God will step in. Kind of like a loving dad that enters your bedroom after you’ve been fussing far too long – remember those times? And when God swoops in and says enough is enough, you stand up and pay attention.

When God says I believe in you and want the best for you and the changes needed will be hard but worth it, YOU are worth it – you go put your courage shoes on and get to work. You don’t ask questions, you just do it. You lace up and walk with your shaky little legs right beside Him and quickly realize it is far better than walking alone with a limp.

Where are you today? What is your mirror’s reflection telling you? What changes in your life do you know need to be addressed? Even more, do you believe God is for you and is willing to carry you through it? 

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