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1- I had all my wisdom teeth pulled when I was six months pregnant with my son, in pre-term labor, not able to have drugs. Nice. And the dentist’s name was Dr. Slaughter.

2- I wash my hair twice a week.

3- My first job was at a McDonalds. I worked drive-thru and front counter. I was demoted one day to the grill for telling a customer they were #1 [I flipped them off.]

4- When I was a little girl I owned one Barbie, eight Tonka trucks, and a Holly Hobby decal sticker thingy set.

5- I always knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom with two kids, one girl, and one boy.

6- I talk to myself. A lot.

7- I can’t snorkel. I tried in Hawaii and about had a panic attack. There’s just something not right about sticking your head under water and breathing. Bad idea. Very bad.

8- I think it would be fun to take a hip-hop dance class. Without any videos or cameras in the room. Actually, no – with cameras – it should be fun for all!

9- I attended a different school each school year up until my freshman year.

10- I have no idea how to switch my TV to Netflix. I usually yell for someone to do it.

11- I wanted to be a lawyer and a cosmetologist when I was growing up.

12- I have an aversion to soggy food. It’s the one thing that will get my gag reflexes going at warp speed.

13- I have zero tolerance for hate.

14- I drove for three years without a license. Yup. In southern California from age 16-19.

15- I’ve never had a ticket.

I love learning random things about people. If you’re game, name the things!