Seven days until Christmas!!!! This time of year is most definitely my favorite. There is so much to love about the Holidays!! I could easily list 100’s of things I love about Christmas, and I thought about it. But in the spirit of seven days till Christmas, I will keep my list to seven favorites.
***Presents!!! I’m not ashamed. Admit it, it’s one of your favorites too! I love buying them, giving them, getting them. I love watching people open gifts when I know they’re gonna love it! Oh my, it’s the best!

***My childhood memory of my mother stringing no less than a 1,000 lights on our tree. It was her thing. She decorated every bit of the tree every year up until the tinsel. That was always my brother’s and my job and I loved it!!

***Cool Whip.

***Shopping crowds. Yes. I am being completely honest with you. Why do I like them? Well, I look for the not-so-happy shoppers and I make sure I smile at them and say something nice. I absolutely enjoy doing that!

***Friends and family. Being with my favorite people with the addition of great food and gifts…Win/Win/Win!

***Christmas Eve services. They are always so extra special. Lots of families, visitors, the day we dress our best (besides Easter) candle-lighting, Carols, being reminded that Jesus was a baby too. He was human like me and you. His humble birth story gets me every year.


OK…You’re next!! What are your 7 Faves?


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