7 Days – 7 Faves

Seven days until Christmas!!!! This time of year is most definitely my favorite. There is so much to love about the Holidays!! I could easily list 100’s of things I love about Christmas, and I thought about it. But in the spirit of seven days till Christmas, I will keep my list to seven favorites.
***Presents!!! I’m not ashamed. Admit it, it’s one of your favorites too! I love buying them, giving them, getting them. I love watching people open gifts when I know they’re gonna love it! Oh my, it’s the best!

***My childhood memory of my mother stringing no less than a 1,000 lights on our tree. It was her thing. She decorated every bit of the tree every year up until the tinsel. That was always my brother’s and my job and I loved it!!

***Cool Whip.

***Shopping crowds. Yes. I am being completely honest with you. Why do I like them? Well, I look for the not-so-happy shoppers and I make sure I smile at them and say something nice. I absolutely enjoy doing that!

***Friends and family. Being with my favorite people with the addition of great food and gifts…Win/Win/Win!

***Christmas Eve services. They are always so extra special. Lots of families, visitors, the day we dress our best (besides Easter) candle-lighting, Carols, being reminded that Jesus was a baby too. He was human like me and you. His humble birth story gets me every year.


OK…You’re next!! What are your 7 Faves?


3 thoughts on “7 Days – 7 Faves

  • it’s hard to just pick 7 but here it goes…
    •presents. I am so with you on this one – watching someone you love open something that you worked hard to find/make just for them is the best!

    •Christmas lights. brightening the darkest nights.

    •my small family flying in from all over the world to the house we grew up in. filling it with sounds of love & arguments. (keepin it real)

    •getting together with friends for our tradional Christmas party dinner

    •hot cocoa

    •lighting advent candles each week in anticipation

    •kids reacting the live nativity in the Christmas Eve service (complete with a goat or two)


  • Oh golly, there’s soo much!!!
    **Not in order**

    1- Christmas music (I can’t carry a tune for the life of me, but man, I sing like no one is watching when I hear a Christmas song, except when I hear Mele Kalikimaka, then it’s time to switch the channel)

    2- Food. Too many goodies!

    3- Being with family.

    4- Playing board games. (my favorite)

    5- Celebrating Jesus!

    6- Buying a Christmas outfit and dressing up.

    7- Snow. (it always snows in MN on Christmas Eve and/or day … big fluffy snow flakes)

  • 1- lights, lights, lights, I love that we are embrace the lights of the holidays, my mom too made sure the tree was perfect, tons of lights… it sets a mood.
    2- I love to give gifts. I love to find something even the littlest item that I know someone will love. I love watching each and every gift to be opened.

    3- Christmas music. I play it loud! I love the soft spirit it brings, the old hymns, I like to think norman rockwell knew it all and knew what was good in those old photos.

    4- family dinners. we are way too busy to sit at the table these days. I love that during the holidays, my dad holds “court” at the dinner table and we all linger just a little longer, visiting and enjoying each other.

    5- the giving spirit… that people are just that much more generous… that people stop to listen and take time to do for others, I love cards, real cards that come in red envelopes with a stamp and a hand written greeting.

    6- new pajammas, and the when kids still run to see if what they believed was true, did santa really stop by… did he eat the cookies and drink the milk?

    7- last and surely not least…. a manger? seriously a manger? have you been in our barn, its smelly, its super cold, its dusty, there might be bugs and surely poo… but for the nite it welcomed a king! A true King, there was star and wiseman. A scared mom, a freaked out dad… a Savior! to this day I still don’t get it…. a manger……. whoa

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