Many years ago when we still lived in Oregon, we lived in a home that challenged me. It wasn’t the entire home, it was just my bathroom. My bathroom mirror. It wasn’t only because it was just a square piece of boring glass hooked to the wall without any framing or flair that bothered me, but rather… it did not reflect me correctly.

I always felt off in front of it. It never gave me an accurate reflection of me and I often walked away feeling, bleh. However, I didn’t realize why till weeks before we moved out of the house. 

One day while I was cleaning the mirror I noticed that the slightest bit of pressure put on the middle would change my reflection dramatically. I went from looking wider to taller. Like, in an instant. With just one touch. Why I didn’t notice this for all those years, I do not know. So I called for Kass to stand in front of the mirror to test it out too. She appeared squatty looking, thicker. I then pressed on the middle of the mirror and sure enough – the real Kass appeared. I looked at her, then compared her to the mirror’s reflection – yup, it was Kass.

Come to find out – the center of my mirror was bowed out about a half an inch. I never even realized it.

I had settled for a distorted view of myself for years when all I needed to do was make a slight adjustment. A little pressure on the glass was all it took. The pressure didn’t break it, but it was enough to snap me back.

Isn’t that just like life? We see something and accept it as is even if it isn’t right. We don’t bother to try to dig for truth. We run from digging in because of the pressure and, so, we settle for a lie.

That was such a great lesson for me. Very revealing, so to speak. 

What is your reflection telling you today? Is it accurate or are you believing a lie? More importantly, what are you going to do about it?

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