I Built A Wall

The same fence that shuts others out shuts you in.  ~Bill Copeland

I spent a large part of my life distrusting people. I built a wall around my heart so high and thick that not even the people worthy of my trust could get through.

I felt safe behind my wall because it guarded me against fiery arrows from a loved one’s mouth. I was protected from the sting of a blow to the face I might’ve deserved. It kept me from having to make eye contact with the ones whom I was sure I was letting down.

But you know what? The chamber I sheltered myself with was just false security. The inside of that wall wrote a different story for me to read each and every day; a story that wasn’t necessarily accurate but one I chose to absorb for years.

The wall told me that no one could ever be trusted again. The wall told me that if I reach out my hand, it would get burned. And just like all the others had said before, the wall repeatedly whispered in my ear that I would never be good enough.  The wall said that if I went outside I would get crushed under the expectations of others. Why bother? Stay inside, where you’re safe.

The wall… It lied.

Above is an excerpt from my book, And Now I Choose. It took ten years to pen this book – a labor of love, indeed. I share this excerpt because I’m wondering, if like me, you have built a wall. And I am wondering if you’re believing its lie like I once did. I wish I could send everyone my book to read because I do believe it would encourage you. But I can’t. Tho I can make it easier for you to get it… 

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Be blessed today. And if you have it in you – kick down that wall!