I was recently going through very old blog posts and ran across the one below. It made me stop and reflect on the last seven years. I wrote it in 2009, while apparently riddled with a hefty dose of self-doubt. I have come a long way since this post. But back then I was desperately searching for my purpose and place in this world. I have finally found it!

 (I guess I didn’t like capitalizing back then.)

A Letter From The Future

tam, i’m writing you a letter from the future. well, actually, you’re writing you. i’m sitting here 10 years down the road from where you are right now…

kass and kota have left the home. they are happy and well adjusted.

you and brent…still happily married.

but i’m, you’re, sitting here now going over things quietly in your mind. every thought seems to begin with an, “i should have…”

i should have spent more time with the kids.

i should have spent less time worrying about what others thought.

i should have built up my husband more often.

i should have bought stock in Nabisco.

i should have spent more time with the lady in the cereal aisle that day…i knew she was hurting. but i was too tired to stick around.

i should have listened more. i might have learned more.

i should have apologized to that friend. i miss her.

i should have put others first more often.

i should have lived with more discipline.

i should have stepped out in faith those times I knew God was saying… Go, child. Trust Me.

tam, i sent you this letter because i believe in you. because last night, you wept over lost time. tam, you can do more. you were made for more. you’re capable of more. invest into others. believe in the abilities God gave you. believe in the dream He planted in your heart. believe in others. i don’t want you to look back with regrets. instead, i want you to look back on this letter and say, “i’m glad i…”

also…oreos becomes its own food group.

If you received a letter from your future self – what might it say?

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