A Mental Illness?

While recording these OCD videos with my son, I heard him refer to it for the first time as a “mental illness”. Y’all, those words were like a punch to my momma gut. I haven’t been able to shake them since.

We are so proud of Kota’s bravery. Our family would have never guessed in a million years that Kota sharing his OCD with y’all would create such a buzz. And listen, we didn’t share for a buzz. Our son hates attention. But he loves awareness, he loves people, and his heart breaks at the thought of fellow OCD sufferers feeling alone. 

In these next 3 videos Kota shares what compels him to respond to his compulsions, we discuss what OCD is and what it is not, and we begin to explore and recognize the good in it. Yes, the good in it.

1 thought on “A Mental Illness?

  • Wow is so inspiring to hear the pros of ocd. I never thought of being aware of my surroundings as a good attribute but now that you mention that it is. I’m very aware of what goes on around me and I always want to be in control of my self so that I believe is why I want to be aware of everything. Speaking of how ocd is thrown around so much is one reason I didn’t know I suffered from it until recently when I was diagnosed. I thought ocd meant you cleaned your house all the time or washed your hands a hundred times little did I know it was something I had been dealing with for so many years. I am so happy to hear about why you do the things you do. I always wondered if other people who suffered from it did it because of fear like me and the overwhelming anxiety you get until you complete the task. I want to Thank you both for this. I cannot wait to hear more from you. Thanks for your bravery. I have been wanting to share my secret with my friends for so long and because of this I’m considering talking about my mental illness on fb ( although it’s hard for me to say that word) it’s really what it is.

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