The moment they’re born you begin praying for their hearts. You pray God will protect her heart. You pray that God will protect his heart. You pray their hearts will rise to the inevitable hurts, disappointments, and betrayals without building a wall around it. You pray, instead, they will learn how to appropriately guard it. And you pray they will honor the hearts of others.
Oh, and a mother prays much for the spouse of their child. You pray for both. That they will honor one another in all ways. That they will not settle. You pray all through your child’s life that God will prepare them for adulthood, girlfriends, boyfriends, break-ups, independence, driving, graduating, first job, first kiss.

Then the day comes when you look at your grown up children and you realize you forgot to pray for one very important thing. You forgot to pray that God would prepare your own heart for all these things.

Good glory. It all happens so fast…

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