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Sometimes the smallest change can yield the greatest results.

I got six inches of hair cut off last weekend, and I couldn’t be happier. I had no idea how much it would do for my spirit.

It’s funny the more I think about it. You see, this last year has been incredible and incredibly hard – mostly for me. I’m not boo-hoo’ing, I promise, I’m doing much better these days!! Thank you 5HTP, Vitamin B-12, and Jesus! But, moving across the country was tougher on me than I expected. There’s just been so much change, so much loss. I wish I could sit with you and tell you all about it over coffee. Mmm, coffee.

I won’t go into all the details, but we’ve given up/lost a lot this last year and a half. I sat a couple of weeks ago, weeping and pouring everything out to Brent of how I was feeling. And so much of it was selfish, people! Sleeping on air-mattresses in the living room and having to take my Oregon Duck sticker off my car so Brent can drive it for Uber and Lyft were part of my pity party weepy session. I told you it was selfish.

It makes me laugh now. My hardest days would be someone else’s answer to prayer! And I get that more now than ever having seen what I have seen here in Los Angeles.

Still, what I have felt/am feeling is valid, and I am processing the losses and navigating the new.

So the fact that cutting off all my hair was so fulfilling to me is utterly hilarious!

Except that is was a loss that I controlled.

And that’s it. Everything has felt so out of control – out of my control – and this silly haircut lifted my spirits and lightened the weight. I thought it strange at first, then realized that I needed this. A change I saw coming. No surprises.

I feel lighter. I feel new. I feel like I have the most talented daughter on the planet! Look what she did, y’all!

I believe God sees all, knows all, and is never unaware. There are no small things to him. I imagine he chuckled as he saw me reacting to my new do. He knew I needed a splash of joy. And joy was found.