In the last two weeks I spoke at two churches about abortion. One church I was the opener before the Pastor gave his message. The other church, I was the messenger. Forty three minutes I got to speak. Most of it about my abortion journey. In a church.
I’ll be honest – it surprised me that these leaders would allow me to do such a thing. I don’t hear of many churches diving into this topic. Sure, they will point it out in certain contexts – “You may be carrying a weight this morning… jealousy, temptations, abortion, unforgiveness…”

But to choose to allow a woman to take the stage and dive into¬†abortion… the moments before, the moments during, the moments after… I applaud you. That is brave. And it is needed.

If your congregation consists of 5,000 people and half are women, that means 625 of the 2,500 women have had abortions. And it is safe to say that a majority of these women haven’t told a soul. Which means that these women are carrying this burden alone. Alone.

Church, please allow this conversation to happen. Give birth to this dialogue. This is not political. The hurt that a post-abortive woman carries is not political. It is as real as the hurt of any human who bears the consequences of their choices.

I was genuinely blown away by the amount of women, and men, who visited me after each service confessing their secrets. This is real. This is a needed message in our churches. These people felt safe for the first time to share about this Рand it happened at their church. What an honor to help provide a safe place for these to open up and begin their healing journey.

If you are a church leader who has been struggling on how to approach this matter, please contact me. I would love to help you in any way I can. Contact me at


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