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I feel I’ve been so serious lately. It’s time to switch it up. Let me take you back to August of 2015, when my daughter Kass and I were flying back to TN from a conference I had spoken at. We were tired, we were slap happy, and we were completely oblivious to those around us.

We shared earbuds and listened to music on her phone the entire flight home. And then this happened. Actually, this happened for several songs. To the point of fellow airplane people enjoying our happiness. We think.

I give you Kass, air gutarring and air-singing, quite literally ( get it? we’re in the air.), to Blink 182 – Please Tell Me Why ( I couldn’t find the official video, sorry). And my challenge to you is to cue up that song and try to sync it with this video, because this video has no audio… you’ll laugh a good laugh, trust me.

Happy Friday, Friends!!

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