Assisted Living

I told Brent this weekend that I am going to start referring to pregnancy as assisted living.
I mean, there is an entirely different DNA structure, organs, limbs, a separate little tiny person that needs some assistance until they can live on their own.


Even when they’re born they need more assistance. Left unattended a newborn could not survive on it’s own.


Perhaps at some point in their adult life they will require further assistance. I’ve known people who have been in coma’s for weeks and came out alive. But they needed some assistance for a time to survive.


And yet another stage of life, of living, is Senior Assisted Living.


You know, it seems to me that our lives are in a constant need of assistance.

So to say that a “21 week old ‘fetus’ couldn’t live on it’s own” is sounding more and more silly to me. There are many times in the womb, and outside of the womb, when we cannot live on our own. Should that make a life unworthy of assistance? Unworthy to live?

I think not.

I hope not.




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