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I never thought I would write a book about my life, but ten years ago I was hit out of the blue with a conviction to share my story. Sadly, my story isn’t much different than many you’ve likely read about before…Child abuse, an eating disorder, promiscuity, homeless teen, abortions, drugs, walking a dark road to nowhere. What is a little different about my story is that I chose to change it. I decided one day that in order for me to climb my way out of the six foot living grave that life and myself had dug…I would have to choose to start climbing. Digging my way out meant I would have to forgive both my abusers and myself, all while discovering a deeper forgiveness that changed me on a soul level. I write about everything. The ugly, the scary, the sad, the funny, the unbelievable. Everything. You might wonder how I stayed sane through it all. But more importantly, my prayer is that this labor of love will inspire you to choose life to the fullest and not settle for a life you believe you cannot change.

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