“I thought I was going to die. . . It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. . . It has haunted me all my life.” Nicki Minaj on her teen abortion. 

I have to admit, reading this surprised me. Not the abortion part, but her remorse. And the fact that I have not seen many celebrities show remorse over their abortions or even concern about the issue of abortion.

Later in the article Nicki says, “I would never recommend it to anyone because it comes back to haunt you.” Oh how right she is and I am so glad she said that. And I pray her fans take notice.

But then a little farther down in the article she said one thing that I would like to challenge her on.

“It’d be contradictory if I said I wasn’t pro-choice. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have anything to offer a child.”


Dear Miss Minaj,

No it would not be contradictory. It would not be hypocritical. It would not be wrong to say that you were for life. You have already expressed your regret, the pain, the haunting. It is beautifully clear that you are remorseful and do not condone abortion. You can absolutely drop the “pro-choice” label and simply say you are “for life”, “pro-birth”. In fact, Miss Minaj, you have every right, authority, and responsibility to do so because you have been there. You have walked in those shoes. You are a post-abortive woman. You have an incredible opportunity to use your platform for good. You have the power to help another woman to not make the same choice you made. 

Miss Minaj, I only say all of this because I have been in your shoes, too. Twice. As a teen… just like you. I am pro-birth. I am for life. I stand tall, proudly, and confidently on that. I have earned the right to. You and I both know the living hell a woman goes through during and after an abortion. It’s a dark, scary, lonely fight navigating all the emotions that accompany abortion. I am sure, like me, you would never want another woman to go through what you have gone through. And that is ok. And it is ok to say so. 

I applaud you for your bravery to share about your abortion. I would also like to encourage you to use your voice for the unborn. You have a far reach, a privilege women like me do not have. Although unlikely, I hope our paths cross someday. I would love to meet you, share our stories, and hug you. 

With love, Tam.

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