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Same old choices will yield the same old results.
You want to stop drinking but you continue to stop off at that same bar on your way home from work.

You want to lose weight but you still make unhealthy food choices and refuse to exercise.

You want to earn the trust of those around you but you continue to gossip and tear down others.

We get so tired of not making any progress. We look around and blame circumstances, other people, the dog, the weather. Seldom do we look within ourselves. Rarely do we take inventory of our choices. And even if we do, loosely, admit responsibility, we refuse to take ownership. Then we sit and wonder why nothing changes.

I totally get this. That was me for years. Honestly, it’s still me in a few areas. I don’t want to appear to have it all figured out or to have perfected avoiding this rut of sameness. I project all the time. I pass blame and responsibility on others and things more often than I care to confess to you. What I have finally accepted, however, is my part in all of it. Initially I may not own it…but I will always end up embracing it. It’s often embarrassing and vulnerable and uncomfortable. But it’s the one thing, acceptance, that helps me to see there needs to be change. It’s the catalyst to better.

Want to see different results? Make different choices.

When I know things need to change – I know I need to change.

It really is that simple. There is nothing preventing me from changing. It’s my choice. May not be easy – but it is not impossible.

Change within happens when we willingly choose to change. It is our choice.

Believe you can change. Believe you have a choice.


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