Seasons change.

And now you have Expose’s famous little 80’s tune in your head. You are very welcome.

Tuesday brought an end to a very special season for our family. On our 5 year Tenneversary my husband took a courageous step into the world of self-employment. 

This year has been full of emotions as we knew this was the direction we were headed. The writing was on the wall. So, in typical Hodge fashion, we put our creative thinking caps on, prayed a ton, and then prayed some more, and are convinced we are doing what God has commissioned us to do. And though it is scary, we are at peace. 

So what is it we’re doing? Glad I had you read that so you’d ask 😉

Brent will be working with churches and leaders to help them regain focus and momentum.

I will be speaking more and delivering more content, along with a very special new book.

Both Brent and I are working with Save The Storks to promote a movie that releases in October called, Voiceless. The exciting thing about this is that we will be able to help bring post-abortive resources to churches all over the country!

I’ll be honest – as exciting as all of this is, it is also very scary. So much is involved with being self-employed. This wasn’t something we ever planned on so I never thought about it much. Then I began asking questions and learned there’s health insurance to deal with and weird tax stuff and my mind checked out. 

My heart is racing as I type this up, BUT – God brought us here and He will not leave us here. 

We know that we are called to help and serve others – And that is what we will do. It would be wrong for us not to accept this journey. So here we go!

To say we would appreciate your prayers would be the biggest understatement in all of time. 

And if you’ve gotten this far… thank you. Thank you for caring and loving our family so well. We love you and are grateful for your involvement in our journey. 

We absolutely love journeying with you!



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