He was three years old. Dakota was THE cutest little boy E.V.E.R. I mean, come on…
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He always loved music. He preferred it playing in the house whenever we were home. I certainly didn’t mind. There is a lot of musical talent on both sides of the family, so Dakota having a love for it didn’t surprise me at all.

What I didn’t expect was for him to have musical talent at such a young age. I discovered his talent around June of 2000. Kota was about 3 1/2 years old. We were driving around town, running errands, and I was playing my very favorite CD…Bebo Norman‘s Ten Thousand Days. Y’all, I wore this disc OUT.

This particular afternoon Stand was on repeat. I had listened to it so much that I would easily spot a different sound within the song. And I did on this day. The ‘drums’ seemed a bit louder, fuller. I turned the song down a little and realized what I heard was coming from the backseat.

I turned to see my little munchkin Kota tapping on his knees and the sides of his car seat, with his little 3 year old chubby boy hands, perfectly to the beat of the song. I mean…spot. on. I turned the song down a tad more to see if he could continue the beat. Sho-nuff-he-did. Like. A. Clock.

I decide to switch the song and listen to see if he could do it again. Yup. Then I thought, well…he has heard this CD a triathabillion times! So I put in a different one. Again, spot on. I couldn’t wait to show Brent!!

Within a few months, 2 months before his 4th birthday, we decided to invest in a full drum kit for Kota. It took up half his bedroom and nearly swallowed him up whole! But he loved it! We gave him a disc-man and two CD’s – Skillet and MXPX (he loved those bands). He learned how to play drums by listening to those two discs, on repeat, wearing his disc-man, for hours and hours every single day.

Today, at the age of 18, he is one of my favorite drummers. Naturally. He has invested his entire life into this craft. He is gifted. We saw it early on and just knew this was special.


He has recently become interested in creating music on his iPhone with garage band. The stuff that this boy creates blows my mind! On his phone nonetheless!

I share all this with you to encourage you parents to let your children’s natural talents flourish. Even if it does mean clanging symbols all day long. Or a budding artist’s paint spill on the carpet. Perhaps a future chef’s melted spatula to the cook top. It’s worth it! Your investing in them will fill their creative tank and give them permission to be who they are meant to be!

I leave you with this. One of my favorite songs that Kota created entirely on his iPhone…

A Time To Dance

[Listen to more of Kota’s work HERE]

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