Breaking It Down.

Who I am – Why I am who I am – Why I stand for what I stand for…
*I am a living, breathing human being.

*I have come from hard times. Abuse of all kinds.

*I have made stupid choices.

*I am a widow.

*I have ended two lives.

*I am an overcomer.

*I am forgiven.

*I have been hurt, I have hurt.

*I am not perfect, I am learning.

*I have seen the depths of darkness.

*I have tasted, heard, felt, and experienced freedom.

*I am a respecter of life. All life. All lives matter.

*I am not alone. You are not alone.

*I will stand for you… even if you don’t want it or realize it, I am… because you matter.

*I value your life, and lives yet to be, because my life has been spared…. on many occasions.

*I love you. God loves you.

*The end.