Purpose In The Pain

I’ve done a couple of interviews recently about my story, and a quote from my first book kept coming up in some way or another, either by the interviewer or myself. I figured there must be a reason for this – and I have been working on being more mindful of those moments that catch Read more about Purpose In The Pain[…]

Victim Or Survivor?

Recently, after sharing my story with a small group of ladies one of them asked me, “Do you ever want to erase all the bad memories from your mind?” Without hesitation I answered… No. I’ve never once wanted to forget all the things I have gone through. Even the super-duper tough and ugly stuff, the moments Read more about Victim Or Survivor?[…]

Super-Hero Courage

This last week I was a part of a conference that isn’t your typical conference. Especially for women. This conference deals with issues that aren’t talked about much. Especially in the church. We’re talking about porn addiction, sexual addictions, alcohol addiction… the things that aren’t seen with the eye, but they still exist. I got Read more about Super-Hero Courage[…]

Defund. Defend. Decide.

[*** There are so many layers to why women get abortions. Far too many for me to tackle alone, and far too many for me to be an expert on. I do not have all the answers. But I do have my story and experiences with abortion. I speak from that and my own research***] Read more about Defund. Defend. Decide.[…]

When Love Is Scary

I would like to speak to two groups of people. The abused/once abused and the never abused. To the never abused. To the one who has never been beaten to the point of bleeding. To the one who has always known the love of a loving father. To the one who was always encouraged as Read more about When Love Is Scary[…]

You Are Valuable

“I want to write a book someday, but I don’t have a story like yours.” I get this a lot. Like, weekly. I want to encourage you all with something…Just because you may never have had an affair, or you’re not widowed, or you’ve never had an abortion, or have never been cheated on, or Read more about You Are Valuable[…]

The Man Response

I gotta be honest – I knew when my book released it would resonate with women. I knew I would get private messages and emails from women on the verge of giving up and walking away. I knew secrets would be revealed to me. I knew anger would be unleashed because a safe place had Read more about The Man Response[…]

We Have A Winner!!!

Ok… So I didn’t think it would be this hard to pick a winner. I wrote down all the names who entered. I numbered them. I went to Random Number Generator to submit my numbers. Before I selected ‘Get Number’, I prayed. I prayed that the person who really needs this Kindle would be selected. But Read more about We Have A Winner!!![…]

WE are the Bookstore!

My wonderful community of friends! I wanted to share with you a few things that have happened over the last 48 hours. A few important points to make first… *We launched a book on Amazon (Paperback and Kindle) *We did this without a Publisher. *We launched with no marketing team – no monetary investment. *We did Read more about WE are the Bookstore![…]