Purpose In The Pain

I’ve done a couple of interviews recently about my story, and a quote from my first book kept coming up in some way or another, either by the interviewer or myself. I figured there must be a reason for this – and I have been working on being more mindful of those moments that catch Read more about Purpose In The Pain[…]

Existing vs Living

Why are you here? Why are you here on this earth, at this time in history? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Why not a 100 years ago, or a hundred years from now? Surely there must be a purpose, right? Why do we exist right now? Which begs another question I ask myself Read more about Existing vs Living[…]

To Give Or Receive – That Is The Question…

If you’ve read my book then you might remember the chapter on mine and Brent’s first married Christmas together. Lets just say it wasn’t exactly full of puffy hearts, awe, and wonder… Have you ever rejected a gift or a kind word? When Brent and I celebrated our first Christmas together, we were struggling to Read more about To Give Or Receive – That Is The Question…[…]

I Had A Chance To Introduce Myself

One of my favorite things I get to do these days is radio interviews. They are so fun! They’re tied, in my book, with live Q&A’s. I’m a chatty person. I love interacting with people, conversing, listening, learning. Radio interviews are a challenge for me in that I am the only one talking after a Read more about I Had A Chance To Introduce Myself[…]

Give Hope Giveaway!

Cuh-learly there are some hot-topics going on in our world. There’s a deceased lion, deflated balls, Republican debate, Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner, Black Lives Matter, and on and on. I feel it silly that a few of those are even making headlines. Embarrassed, even. If you know me a little bit you know that I value life. Read more about Give Hope Giveaway![…]

Staying The Course

I have to be honest here – because I don’t do well if I’m not being honest. And even when it’s not easy, I still have to be. Last week I shared a lot of how I feel about helping women make other decisions besides abortion. And I will get right to the purpose of Read more about Staying The Course[…]

My Very Favorite Moment

I’ve talked your ears off about the The Fabulous Conference I spoke at last week…I know. But I have one more thing to share with you; my very favorite moment. Yes…Listening to all the women share their stories with me, trusting me, wow…so amazing. Hearing how uniquely God spoke to each of them…incredible. Seeing lives Read more about My Very Favorite Moment[…]