Purpose In The Pain

I’ve done a couple of interviews recently about my story, and a quote from my first book kept coming up in some way or another, either by the interviewer or myself. I figured there must be a reason for this – and I have been working on being more mindful of those moments that catch Read more about Purpose In The Pain[…]

Confession Brings Freedom

My overarching message when I speak is wrapped around confession and forgiveness bringing freedom. When I finally came to the life-changing moment of self-forgiveness, every single thing about my life changed. @@I believe the hardest person to forgive is yourself.@@ So coming face-to-face with my life’s ugly-reel playing before my eyes was scary, yet surprisingly Read more about Confession Brings Freedom[…]

Give Hope Giveaway!

Cuh-learly there are some hot-topics going on in our world. There’s a deceased lion, deflated balls, Republican debate, Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner, Black Lives Matter, and on and on. I feel it silly that a few of those are even making headlines. Embarrassed, even. If you know me a little bit you know that I value life. Read more about Give Hope Giveaway![…]

You Are Valuable

“I want to write a book someday, but I don’t have a story like yours.” I get this a lot. Like, weekly. I want to encourage you all with something…Just because you may never have had an affair, or you’re not widowed, or you’ve never had an abortion, or have never been cheated on, or Read more about You Are Valuable[…]

The Man Response

I gotta be honest – I knew when my book released it would resonate with women. I knew I would get private messages and emails from women on the verge of giving up and walking away. I knew secrets would be revealed to me. I knew anger would be unleashed because a safe place had Read more about The Man Response[…]

You Matter

Christ died once for all. All Lives Matter. I have to be honest here. It breaks my heart to see sides upon sides upon sides. People pitted against other people because of skin color, different opinions, unshared passions and convictions. When one is so tightly armed to one side I do not feel there is Read more about You Matter[…]

Hurt Isn’t The Boss Of You

I did not expect yesterdays post to get so much attention. Brent and I were shocked over the amount of views it received, especially for this small little blog of mine. But that revealed so much to me. It showed me that there are a lot of people out there identifying with abortion and all Read more about Hurt Isn’t The Boss Of You[…]

What’s Your Story?

I once had someone close to me tell me… You’re not the only one with a tough story, you know? Yes. I know. And that is one of the exact reasons why I never gave up writing. Because lots of people with similar stories to mine feel alone. They feel that no one will understand what Read more about What’s Your Story?[…]