A Crisis?

I am not a fan of referring to the abortion-minded woman as being in a “crisis pregnancy.” There-I-said-it. In fact, I am not a fan of most terms used regarding this topic.  I’ve always thought of a crisis pregnancy being one that is a result of rape, molestation, and of course a life or death Read more about A Crisis?[…]

Super-Hero Courage

This last week I was a part of a conference that isn’t your typical conference. Especially for women. This conference deals with issues that aren’t talked about much. Especially in the church. We’re talking about porn addiction, sexual addictions, alcohol addiction… the things that aren’t seen with the eye, but they still exist. I got Read more about Super-Hero Courage[…]

Defund. Defend. Decide.

[*** There are so many layers to why women get abortions. Far too many for me to tackle alone, and far too many for me to be an expert on. I do not have all the answers. But I do have my story and experiences with abortion. I speak from that and my own research***] Read more about Defund. Defend. Decide.[…]