Purpose In The Pain

I’ve done a couple of interviews recently about my story, and a quote from my first book kept coming up in some way or another, either by the interviewer or myself. I figured there must be a reason for this – and I have been working on being more mindful of those moments that catch Read more about Purpose In The Pain[…]

Confession Brings Freedom

My overarching message when I speak is wrapped around confession and forgiveness bringing freedom. When I finally came to the life-changing moment of self-forgiveness, every single thing about my life changed. @@I believe the hardest person to forgive is yourself.@@ So coming face-to-face with my life’s ugly-reel playing before my eyes was scary, yet surprisingly Read more about Confession Brings Freedom[…]

“I’m right here, daddy!”

As my speaking calendar fills up I know I will be flying more. Like, in planes. In the air. This I do not care for. I don’t have a legit fear of flying like some of my friends, but I will sweat and have nervous bladder the entire flight. I will be in full on Read more about “I’m right here, daddy!”[…]

Fearing Your Past

    That time in the summer of 2011 when Angie Smith asked me, and several other women, to be a part of Blooms Book Club, at (in) courage to talk about Angie’s 2nd book, What Women Fear. Each of us ladies were assigned a chapter to discuss with Jess and Angie, via video. I was given Chapter Read more about Fearing Your Past[…]