#Choose30 exists to inspire others to bravely do something different. To step outside their own drawn lines. To walk up to the edge and own their leap faith.

Choose30 is 2 months old now. It started with a few people and quickly grew to over a hundred. People who saw the need for community to lock arms with as they chose to try something new…Something they’ve put off due to laziness, fear, priorities, doubt, or they just felt alone.

In our short two months together I have seen so many people put their courage shoes on and own their fears and doubts. It’s been a blast as this amazing community supports one another, checks in on everyone, prays!

I’m telling ya…I can’t imagine not having a #Choose30. And I want you to join us!!┬áThis is the perfect time with Spring finally here, all the new life, and new beginnings. Maybe use #Choose30 to Spring-Clean some parts of your daily routines in life.

So, What do ya say? It’s April 1st, a new month, a brand new opportunity to pick a new goal for 30 (ish) days. That’s it. That’s what we do. We pick one thing to focus on for one month at a time. And cheer each other on the whole way through! It’s fantastic!

This month I am choosing to find a way to help me stay more organized with meetings and deadlines. As my life and schedule begin to fill up more, I have to get a better routine down.

JOIN US!!! All you need to do is sign up below. I’ll send you a short little email with all the easy-peasy deets!

I look forward to having you in #Choose30!!

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