Starting February 1st we are going to #Choose30 together. Oh yes we are.
The act of choosing means you accept the responsibility to change life as you know it. It means you understand that your choices affect you and those around you.

When we choose something for the better – it changes us – it changes the world around us.

I know that doing something different can be scary. I understand how hard it can be to change a routine, to change your way of thinking, to step out of your comfort zone. I get the thought process that convinces us to stay the same because it’s safe…or, because we think it’s safe.

[Tweet “We often settle for a false security because where we are is all we know.”]

This is where community and support steps in. This is the moment we rise up and link arms, cheering one another on in this beautiful dance that is life.

#Choose30 is a call to try something new – step outside your comfort zone. It could be…

Enrolling in a Dance Class
Perhaps start running
Clean Eating
Finding a church to attend
Maybe you need to forgive someone
Write that letter you’ve been avoiding
Read more
Write more
Hold your tongue
Date your spouse

It doesn’t have to be big – it just needs to be a start. This will be the catalyst for your mind to begin thinking differently. As you stretch and challenge yourself you will gain confidence and courage. This will have a positive effect on you and those around you.

So what will all this look like? Well, #Choose30 is a month-long challenge. Not all months have 30 days, I know…but it just rolls off the tongue fabulously, doesn’t it? Each month you choose one thing to do differently. It can be a one time event, daily, weekly, but something that you spend the month either doing or considering and praying over. The next month, if you choose to continue, you choose something else. And so on and so forth.

What will you get from me? I will encourage you along the way. When you sign up and join my Newsletter you will get two #Choose30 emails from me each week as long as you’re in the group. These emails will inspire you and help keep you going!

The #Choose30 hashtag will also be your hub of encouragement and accountability. I will encourage all who sign up to share their #Choose30 decisions and journey by documenting them using the hashtag. This will become our tribe.

[Tweet “I believe deeply that we work best arm in arm. We were not meant to journey this life alone.”]

I am a huge fan of community. When we feel alone it is easy to stay inactive in our faith, our goals, our dreams. It’s easy to not choose anything. And not choosing is a choice. So let’s journey together. Let’s learn together. Let’s fall together. Let’s pick each other up and run this race together.

Join #Choose30 today by signing up below. Watch for your first #Choose30 email from me on February 1st!

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