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Why do we allow fear to rob us of our bravery to make the changes in our lives we know we need to make? Because we have lost our fight. That fight we were all born with. That fight that filled our lungs with air for the first time ever. That Fight.”

This is a little excerpt from my new eBook, Choosing To Change, that launches today! [Doing a happy dance!!!]

In this book I share three truths that will help you get your life back – the same truths that helped me get my life back.

I fought hard to find these truths. I wrestled with God on countless occasions. I pushed through a whole bunch of selfishness and pride to discover that it was far easier than my fearful mind had made it out to be. And I have shared those moments with you in this book!!

Choosing To Change: Three Truths That Will Help You Get Your Life Back

You can grab Choosing To Change for yourself, or for someone whom you feel may need some encouragement or kick in the booty!

Grab it for only $2.99 HERE! Easy Peasy.

Choose Well, Y’all! And remember to wish my daughter a happy 22nd Birthday HERE!!!

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