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When you think you have nothing more to learn – surround yourself with experts who can teach you. 

Not that I have ever felt I have nothing more to learn. For anyone that knows me knows well that I often doubt my steps and question what I “know”.

This past week I was surrounded by experts. Like, cream of the crop experts. 

Pat Quinn and Pete Vargas. Basically, the entrepreneur and Speaker’s dream come true!

I sat in a second story conference room in Colorado Springs for two full days drinking from a fire hose of invaluable information. These two have experience, knowledge, and levels of expertise beyond what my mind could comprehend. 

I took 17 pages of notes. I probably would have taken double that had I not experienced altitude sickness on the second day. Boy, that was trippy.

Going back through my notes this morning and I am even more inspired and challenged. I was laser focused on these two. Well, except when Colleen walked in with stellar eyeshadow on.

And then I might have been distracted by this view a time or ten…

Last week in Colorado was a game-changer for Brent and me. And I cannot thank Save The Storks enough for this gift! And thank you Jeff for bringing me on as a Storks Ambassador – lets do great things!!

One last thing! I totally missed Brent’s 46th birthday on the 2nd because I am the most amazing wife ever. So, Happy Birthday Brent! I love you more than Oreos!!!