Today marks two weeks from Thanksgiving. I mean, didn’t we just dread Valentine’s Day?
This year my sweet little family will be hunkered down at home. Brent and I have already gone over the menu and have assigned jobs for our family.

I will be cooking the turkey. My turkey will consist of lots of fun seasoning and an entire cube of butter and one pound of bacon in the cavity while it bakes because that’s just the right thing to do. I’m also on green bean casserole duty.

Our beautiful daughter will make homemade rolls from a recipe handed down by her Grandmother (Brent’s mom)

Kota will be making mashed potatoes. The first time he ever made mashed potatoes was on Sept 3o, 2013 – the day I got my braces on. That is what he wanted to do for me because he knew I loved mashed potatoes and that I needed to eat.

Brent will be carving the turkey and making an apple pie. But, wait, not just a simple, easy peasy apple pie. He wants to make one from scratch. Crust, real apples, streusel, and all.

We will put up our Christmas tree and decorations while the Griswald’s are chattering in the background. And I can’t wait!!!

I love the Holidays. I love the weather, the smells, the music, the joy, the food, the conversation, the gatherings, the memories made. It is my favorite time of year!

I love learning about the traditions of other families during the holidays. And I always love recipe and decor ideas! So, please share your favorite tradition and favorite decor/recipe!

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