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One of the messages you will get in my book is that confession is freeing. I mean, it’s scary, yes. But once that horrific hurdle of fear is jumped and you’ve landed on the side of confession – you will feel so liberated…so free!
I love to host confession posts. I don’t mind at all sharing about my shortcomings or embarrassing moments. I believe it is in our sharing, our confessions, that we draw closer to one another. I believe it builds trust and constructs a community of safety.

So with that I’m going to confess something. But, if you read this you have to confess something, too. Don’t think I’m letting you off so easy…

My confession: When I was a kid I used to leave the foil wrapper on my gum. I chewed it all. I hated the way it felt but I loved it, too. I can’t explain the logic behind my 5 year old thinking or how I ever got away with it. I also chewed gum off the sidewalk once. JUST ONCE.

Ok. Your turn!! Confess away…

5 thoughts on “Community Confessions

  • I’m totally gagging over your confession!
    Inconsequential confession: my house is still in shambles and I’m still trying to figure out where everything goes, what to keep, what to toss, and decorating as I go. Taking forevvvvverrrrrr.

    Embarrassing confession: die hard nose picker – and hand washer. 😉 You will never SEE me do it though. LOL!

    • Well at least nose picking and hand washing are together!!! That’s like, holy provision for your victims 😉
      Also, every time we move, and we move a lot, we are unpacked and put away within a week. You need me. You really need me.

    • seeing yours and Brans comments I was thinking we need to bring back some of the awesome crew from years gone by. Gosh, those were the fun blogging days!!
      and…i love ya, sister!

  • I grew up a Muslim, and one of the holidays we celebrated is called Ramadan which meant we fasted from food and water from sunrise to sundown. I always had a stash of candy, chocolate and pepsi under my bed. When I took my “naps” because I was tired from “fasting”, I was actually devouring the stash of candy I had under my bed. My poor grandma always gave me kisses after I was done fasting and telling me how proud she was of me for fasting the entire day … if she only knew, HA!

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