In my book I share a lot about confession. Oh my, it has brought so much freedom to my life. Shedding light on the thing that cripples you – Calling it out – Naming it… A power transfer occurs when this happens.
Because I believe so much in authenticity and confession – I share with you something very personal…

It started when I was in the 3rd grade. (This will require another post to explain the ‘why’)

I remember the night it very first occurred to me.

Ever since that day of harsh realization I’ve been tormented with restlessness.

One might not think I’d struggle with such a thing being a Christ follower and all. It really doesnt add up.

But, it’s my reality.

And sometimes…this restlessness, this preoccupation of thoughts and anxiety, will abruptly wake me out of a deep sleep.

And I will take deep breaths and begin to pray until I fall back to sleep.

My confession...

I’m afraid to die.

Not easy to share. Although it has plagued me less the older I get, the more closer to God I get, but it is still there. And I am not proud of it.

OK. Your turn to confess. Do it afraid and you’ll be less afraid of it. I promise.

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