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Courage = Doing something afraid.

I’ve done many things afraid. Heck… I grew up afraid. Up until I was 20-ish, fear was my constant companion. 

Now that I am removed from the environments that fostered all that fear, now that I’ve grown up enough to stop making stupid choices that cause even more fear, I am faced with a bunch of new opportunities to practice courage.

Releasing a small eBook and soon publishing a surprise book.

Singing a solo in the shower.

Letting my children go even though it is so exciting watching them spread their wings.

Venturing into a new season of “working for ourselves”.

Just to name a few…

I know the bible says to not be anxious about anything. Ok, God… but how can I learn to be courageous if I’m not first anxious or afraid? 

I have learned more about courage in times of anxiousness. Those times when I have felt nearly crippled with anxiety, yet still chose to take the deepest breath possible and kick fear in the face. 

Even if we stumble and limp our entire way toward an act of courage, at least we are getting there. It may not be pretty. We may not do it the same the next time. But for every time we choose to stand on our wobbly legs and forge ahead, regardless of how anxious or fearful we feel, we are being courageous.

I don’t know what that looks like for you. Maybe it’s changing how you eat. Reaching for that apple instead of that snickers. Perhaps it’s parking in the spot furthest away from the store so you can get in some more steps. Maybe you’re gearing up to have a tough conversation with a loved one. You might be deciding to change occupations. Whatever it is for you don’t be afraid of being afraid, but let that emotion fuel you to acts of courage. If it is worth striving for then it is worth the journey and all it entails to get there. But it’s up to you to choose to start.

So, how are you being courageous today?

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