Dear Friends of TRF…

By now you have heard the unfortunate news of what took place in Portland with my partner Jeff of Save The Storks.
All the funds that he and I raised while in Oregon were stolen as a result of a break-in of his brothers car in downtown Portland this week.

It has left us heartbroken and outraged. I am mostly concerned for those of you who entrusted your credit card information with us. I am so very deeply sorry and have been in prayer that your information will be protected. But of course, as a safeguard, it would be wise to cancel the card you used in your sponsorship. This is a step and an inconvenience you do not deserve and, again, I am so deeply sorry for putting you in this position.

I was amazed and blown away by the amount of support you all gave me while at Table Rock last weekend. I remember every special, private conversation I had. So many of you chose to be vulnerable with me. So many of you confided in me… a privilege and honor I do not take lightly. Thank you for those conversations – they were gifts to me.

Thank you Table Rock for allowing me to share my story and passion for life with you. Not many churches speak about abortion. You are one of a kind – And I am proud to call you all my friends.

For those of you who are prayerfully considering continuing on with sponsoring the Stork Bus, you can do so safely by clicking HERE. This link will take you directly to my fundraiser page where your donation/monthly sponsorship will be secure.

For those of you who gave a one-time donation via check, thank you. Sadly, those checks are gone. It would be wise to stop payment on those checks. I sincerely apologize for that inconvenience. However, because they were made out to Save The Storks it would be nearly impossible for them to be cashed by anyone else.

Please know I certainly understand if you are hesitant to jump back on board. I get it.

I would encourage you to pray about your future with Storks and how you might be involved again.

For now, I would like to ask your forgiveness. And I pray we can still be partners and lock arms as we stand for life and use our voices for the voiceless. I am trusting in a very trustworthy God who already has this all figured out. So now we will faithfully continue to forge ahead and with hopeful expectation await His reveal!

He will make your innocence radiate like the dawn, and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun. Psalm 37:6

With much love…

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1 thought on “Dear Friends of TRF…

  • Dear Tam…. it was so very good to see you again at TRF. I was surprised that you remembered me and gave me such a nice compliment. :o) When you get this age, we take all we can get! :o). We were so very sorry to hear that all the money was stolen. I hope you won’t beat yourself up too much about it but I understand your heart! You are so beautiful and have such a beautiful spirit.!! It’s such a devastating thing to happen. God will redeem it tho! :o) We pray God will provide the money you lost and that those who’s checks, etc. were stolen will not have a problem. I’ve started reading your book.. Oh, my goodness. I was afraid to start it after skimming through it since it brought back so many memories of my best friend in 7th grade. Her Dad was sexually abusing her and then he started on me. Since I didn’t live there I was able to dodge him as best I could. Also my friends older brother had evidently observed things so he tried stuff with me as well. I never told my parents until I was 30 yrs old since my friends parents were friends of my parents. My Dad was livid, naturally and said I should of told them. But I know you can relate… we just don’t tell. I went to counseling and I would say, “well, it wasn’t as bad as what he was doing to my friend” and she would say, “don’t say that because it was bad”. My friend felt sooo bad that he was doing things to me but we never talked about it til we were in our 30’s. I have forgiven him and know it wasn’t my fault. Thankfully, my family moved to MI. in the middle of 7th grade for 2 yrs and then we moved back to So. Calif. to the same city and I still hung out with my friend but now I was 15 and her Dad never tried anything again. Turns out since the family was Catholic and they had 6 kids, the Mom wouldn’t have relations with the Dad so he went to his daughter and me. No one believed her when she finally told her Mom. I never realized that there are so many women this has happened to. It breaks my heart to hear what you had to go thru and I’m only on the 3rd chapter! Makes me want to cry as I write. I was very open with our boys about predators and sexual abuse since they both have daughters and to always be observant. Thank you again for sharing your story. I know it helped sooo many people! Thank you for letting God use you in this way to help others know they’re not alone! I will be praying for you. Michael and I pray blessings on you from above as you continue this wonderful work the Lord has put on your heart. Thank you again!! Chris Melton

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