Every once in a while when I pull one of my books out of the box I will find one that’s not quite up to par. I’ll exclaim how the margin is just ever-so-slightly crooked. Brent will look at it for several minutes and not see it. But I see it.
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And I would be so embarrassed if one slipped through my hands and got sent to a buyer.

But the thing is, I now have a small stack of ever-so-slightly not-so-perfect printed books in my office. Just sitting there. All alone… Crying for hands and hearts to embrace them.

Dramatic much?

Okie-Dokie then…

It costs $5.00 to print each book.
It costs $0.53 cents per envelope to mail each book.
It costs $2.76 to mail each book.

But here’s the deal: For $6.00, yes… just. six. bucks… I will send you a ding and denter WITH a surprise enclosed. All you need to do is provide me your email address and I will send you a Paypal request.

If you wanna pay more than $6.00 then by all means go right ahead! But I’m only asking for six bucks.

Great deal, right?!

So this might be the perfect time to buy it for someone who doesn’t have the gift of attention to detail. This is your chance. You’re welcome.

Leave your email in the comments – I’ll Paypal ya!!



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