Every time I watch House Hunters I am amazed at the people who see bedroom ceiling fans and quickly exclaim, “Oh! That has got-to-go!” And what about the walk-in closets so large you could dock a yacht in’em? Women be like…”Won’t even hold my summer sandals.”
But the ceiling fan haters get me every time. I love my bedroom fan. I love the cool breeze it gives. I love the white noise it offers. I love the trance it puts me in when I try to follow one blade around and around with my eyes. My ceiling fan runs all year long. It never gets turned off. Well, one time it did.

That’s when I saw it. The blades. The white blades no longer completely white. Their edges had been discolored by…let me see as I climbed on top of my bed to get a closer look…DUST.

A lot of dust. Like, years of accumulation of dust. I was mortified, grossed out, and did what any clean-minded, skilled housewife would do…I quickly turned the fan back on and walked out the room.

And there you have a true picture of life. But it isn’t about my ceiling fan. It’s about the dust that was there all along that I had no idea was building up. It’s about the moment I decided to slow it down and get a better look that I realized there was years of build up. It’s about ignoring the problem and going back to the way it was, pretending it doesn’t exist. But the dust is still there. Weighing down the fan, preventing it to move at it’s fullest potential. It’s about looking at the fan spinning around and knowing the dust remains but allowing it to continue to build up, choosing not to address the problem.

Just because the ceiling fan is moving at a billion mph’s and I can’t see the dust on each blade, doesn’t mean the dust doesn’t exist. It’s still there. Nothing has changed.

At some point we have to slow our blades (selves) down and tend to them. The more we allow them (us) to build up dust (regrets, painful memories, what if’s, pride, grudges…) the less power and effectiveness they’ll (we will) have.

Slow your blades today. Choose to look closer and deeper. Take inventory on what has been building up. It won’t go away on its own.

And yes…I cleaned my blades.


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