Divorce, Abortion, The Church – Oh MY.

Divorce. If you haven’t gone through it yourself, you know someone who has. 

I have friends going through a divorce right now and it’s heartbreaking. The reason for it, the journey through it, the hurt, the unknowns. Fortunately, for many in the church there is help when walking the road to divorce and the path that follows it. So many resources, recovery groups and, for those fortunate enough to spare their marriage, there are marriage retreats and conferences.

Because this is what the church is. A place for broken people to heal. A place for hurts to heal. A place to feel safe. A place to find hope again.

In 2011 there were 877,000 divorces in the U.S.

Yah… did you just gasp and slow blink? I did when I came across this number. I wish divorce never happened… but it does, and I am so glad the church has opened its doors to help with the healing process.

Also in 2011, there were some 1.06 million abortions in the U.S. Equally heartbreaking. Heartbreaking for the babies lost, and for the many women who’ve aborted in secret and feel they’ve no one they can run to, no place to run to… including the church.

Why not the church? Because the church doesn’t know what to do with this reality. They are not equipped. They are not educated. 

BUT, the church can be equipped and resourced. And over the next month or two I can’t wait to share with you what Brent and I will be a part of. We are teaming up to change the narrative of abortion. This is not a fight against abortion… This is a stand for life. Abortion may always be an option, but our efforts will be to see life as the best option.

Stay tuned, friends. And please pray for us as we embrace this next journey to help, heal, and give hope to abortion-minded and post-abortive women.

6 thoughts on “Divorce, Abortion, The Church – Oh MY.

  • It heartbreaking just how ill-equipped the church is for helping those going through divorce. My ex-husband left a little over two years ago and I must say that the church truly "let me down." I reached out for help on a few questions and was met with little regard for my hurt. I was blessed to find a DivorceCare group and that helped immensely in the healing process. I have brainstormed various ways that I can reach out to those that are hurting due to divorce. We ABSOLUTELY must do a better job. It is in those times that we need the church to really be the church. If you don’t know what to say, simply love on them. What they need is to be reminded that they are loved and not alone! Thank you for this post and bringing attention to the issue.

    • Why do you think your church doesn’t offer resources for the situations like this?

      And I am so sorry you had to walk that road alone, Shanda.

  • Oddly, even tho I’m a huge "fan" of yours, I didn’t think I would like this post.

    But I do. Thanks for what you do. Keep fighting.

  • I’m standing along with you guys and cheering you on all the way from MN! Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the both of you!!

    • Thank you, friend! We are excited to announce it when it becomes official… it’s gonna be a crazy ride!

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