Not too long ago I over heard someone say, “I’m tired of holding back so I won’t outshine you.”

I mean, woah. That is heavy.  

That is me. That is what I do, who I am. I am so aware, sensitive to others, that I don’t want to ever get in their way. But… Is that right? Is that healthy? Is that fair – to either? 

No. I don’t think it is.  

It’s unfair to them because I take the position of choosing what they are capable of, or meant to do or be.  What I, we, should be doing is investing into their dreams and passions. We need to support our loved ones, building them up.

And then I, you, need to be ok with doing what we are compelled to do. 

Since when did we need permission to do good?  

We all have so much to offer. We all have our own experiences and lessons that we can share. You do not need to submit for approval to do good… Just, do.  

If your doing good offends someone it is not your problem. You keep doing good! 

Good is good.  

Do. Good. 

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