Do You Blog?

Do you blog? Because I would love to see your blog.
Do you know of a blog that you feel I might enjoy? Let me know!

Share your blog or recommended blog in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Do You Blog?

  • I blog!!! Although, I haven’t been posting as many posts as I would like to … the motivation is not there for some odd reason!! What inspires you to a write a post?!

    • It’s hard to get inspired. When I started blogging back in 2007 I couldn’t wait to post every single day. But back then the blogging community was very different. It was far more social and mush less “let me teach you or sale you something”.
      Once that shift began I think a lot of interest died.

      I would love to see the social/community aspect come alive again.

      But to your question… It certainly isn’t a science for me. Sometimes I read through comments on other peoples posts and that strikes an idea. Of course, I have my own interests and passions, as y’all know.

      Googling writing prompt ideas may help.

      You are so beautiful and fashionable – is that what you like to write about when you do post?

      • That’s what I hate about it, the business side of it! Ish! As soon as I started getting emails from companies wanting me to review their products, I just lost all interest in blogging!Thank you for the sweet words! I’ve always enjoyed fashion and girly stuff, so I do enjoy doing the fashion posts, but it’s not making a difference in anyone’s life in anyway .. ya know? not that I would make a huge difference in anyone’s life but I’ve always been a helper, I want to help people somehow someway haha! Plus fashion posts are spendy, ain’t nobody got time for that (especially my husband)!!!!
        There’s a lot I want to write about and be me, but I am holding back … a lot!!! I just want to tell people more about God’s redeeming love and I feel like I can’t do properly until I share my ENTIRE story!! This has been on my heart a lot lately, so I’m praying about it!! Wow .. I just went off on a tangent there haha!! <3

  • Tam, I recently stumbled upon your blog through Save the Storks’s Facebook page. This past summer I also chose to share my personal abortion story on my blog, Unbored Housewife. After years of prayer, I strongly felt the Lord urging me to write my story in the hopes of shedding light on the darkness and pain of abortion. You can read my story here: Thank you for your bravery. “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them” (Ephesians 5:11).

    • Leah… My blog has been in transition the last few weeks and I wasn’t sure if I had responded to you yet. So. I am now =)

      I am so very proud of you for finding your courage and sharing. I know that takes so much. I am sure your sharing has, and will continue to help others as they journey through their own secret pain. Thank you for being brave!!

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