Why are you here? Why are you here on this earth, at this time in history?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Why not a 100 years ago, or a hundred years from now? Surely there must be a purpose, right? Why do we exist right now? Which begs another question I ask myself often… Are we existing or are we living?

And that is the most important question of them all. Obviously there is a reason why we were born in this generation. We each have a role to play in this life. Each role lived makes a difference.

But what kind of difference are we making?

If I am just existing then I am just getting through. But if I am living with purpose then I feel confident I will make a difference in this generation and generations to come.

Which, of course, leads to another important question, yet often hard to answer: What is my purpose?

I’ll go first…

This is what I believe my purpose is –

To love well. To daily consider God’s grace and mercy on me so that I may extend it to others. To embrace life and hold it in high regard. To smile at, and compliment, strangers. (Yes. I deeply believe this is one of my jobs on this earth) To be a supportive wife. To be a loving and inspiring mom. To be an open book. (Quite literally) To share the ugly, scary, and often frowned upon moments in hopes another will find freedom to do the same. To be an encourager. To bring laughter.

To me, these all are high callings. Some may seem insignificant. But to someone else they may change their world. Who knows. All I do know is that, collectively, these purposes help me stand tall and embrace my role in this life. When I walk out my front door each day I leave knowing what I can add to the world around me. No one little task is small. They are all a big part of our time here.

So, I ask you…What is your purpose? What is your purpose in this time, in this place, in your world today?

You matter. You make a difference.


[repost 11/30/14]

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