So I am writing a little devotional that goes along with my book. And Now I Choose has three sections to it. The last section has 28 chapters. The devotional will be a 4-week companion to this section. I’ll share more about that in the near future. But as I was studying and researching, a very ugly voice started whispering to me…
You are not fit to write this. You? Writing a devotional? What a joke. You can’t teach anyone?

I know! Harsh, right? The little devil on my shoulder. I don’t even remember him climbing up there. Just, all of the sudden, BOOM.

I sat there thinking…Well, you’re right. I really am unfit to write this. In all my humanness and all. I suppose that little voice is correct there.

But it isn’t a joke. I’m afraid to do it. But I’m doing it anyway. No joke.

And it never once crossed my mind that it would teach anybody anything. I know I am not a teacher. But I will share with anyone everything I have ever learned and experienced in this life. It’s what I do. Not to teach – but to relate and connect.

So, I will keep on keeping on with this devotional regardless of what that little voice throws at me. And I know that little voice is more my own fears than the enemy. To you, fear, I say…You don’t own me. You don’t get to be the boss of me. So, there.

Tell me…is fear gripping you today? How can I pray with you through it?

[photo by: Daniel White]




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