This last Sunday at Cross Point we had a guest speaker, Joseph Sojourner, and he rocked my heart and mind-world with his words. He made a passage of scripture completely come to life for me.

You can watch his message HERE. And I highly recommend that you do!

Even if you’re not familiar with the bible, you may recognize “The Parable Of The Three Servants”. Basically, each of them were given bags of silver. One gets five bags, one gets two bags, and the other gets one. Each one was given an amount according to the gifts and abilities they possessed to handle them. 

Fair, right?

Well, not according to the servant who received the one bag. He got a little uptight about it. The other two chose to invest and double the amount of silver that was given to them. Then ‘one bag’ man… well, he buried his bag and did nothing with it. And when the other two were celebrated for their efforts and one bag wasn’t… he didn’t like that so much.

It was expected that he would use the gifts, strengths, and abilities he had to make the best of what was given to him. But he didn’t. He buried it and did nothing. 

Back to our guest speaker, Joseph Sojourner. He correlated this story with our culture today. We all have gifts. We all have talents. Some have more than others. And that is where our “one bag” mind-set comes in. When we see others with more gifts, talents, and success than we have – we throw a pity party, compare ourselves to them, and piss and moan about how unfair life is. And, yes, I said piss. It really isn’t a bad word. It’s just ‘hiss’ with a ‘p’.

But Joseph’s point was that all our gifts and talents are useful. If we are equipped to do x, y, and z… then we need to do x, y, and z with everything we’ve got. We need to x, y, and z it to the point of needing to expand the alphabet… regardless of what 5 bag or 2 bag dude is doing. 

Be you. Know what you’re gifted at and equipped to do, and own it. 

Comparison kills joy. 

The more you focus on what others have and are doing, the more you are wasting the moments you’ve been given to use your gifts to leave a mark on this world.

You are needed. You have a purpose and are valuable… Just as valuable as anyone else. 

Our value is not in how many bags of silver we have… Our value is in what we do with them.


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