For Ferguson…For All, I Pray.

I have been violated. I have been wronged. I have wronged. I have violated.
I’ve been told I am not good enough. I have been left out because I am not popular.

I have judged others and left others out.

I have been abused and shunned by people closest to me.

But I have never been assessed, rated, beat, let in or left out, because of the color of my skin.

I have no clue what the dear people of Ferguson are experiencing right now. I have no authority to speak on it. I can only pray.

So, I pray….

1 thought on “For Ferguson…For All, I Pray.

  • Truth. I have friends who have told me stories about being followed around in department stores by clerks assuming they were stealing and others who were flat out told they weren’t welcome somewhere because of the color of their skin. I cannot even imagine and I, too have no authority to speak on what they are going through. Thanks for the reminder.

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