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Ok friends… We’re trying something here and we really hope it works!

We want to get my book, And Now I Choose, into as many hands as possible. So we have lowered the price from $13.99 to $9.99 for this week only, June 13-17! But that’s not all! 

When you purchase the book, the Kindle version of And Now I Choose is FREE. Yes, FREE!

Here is the deal. And if we have done this right, this is what will happen. 

Once you purchase the book, the Kindle version will be free! And if you have purchased the book already… IT’S FREE FOR YOU, TOO!

This is a special we wanted to run on our own – So, if for some reason this does not work, please send all support requests to my husband and he will make it happen for ya 🙂

Offer good through Amazon only.

Get your FREE kindle here!

Grab a FREE PDF copy

of my eBook

"Choosing To Change"

Thank you for your interest in "Choosing To Change"

Thanks for your interest in bringing
Tam to your event.

You will hear from a representative very soon.

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