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Cuh-learly there are some hot-topics going on in our world. There’s a deceased lion, deflated balls, Republican debate, Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner, Black Lives Matter, and on and on.
I feel it silly that a few of those are even making headlines. Embarrassed, even.

If you know me a little bit you know that I value life. All life. I don’t care about deflated footballs or picking on Trump’s combover. I do care about black lives. I do care about the “why” behind Bruce Jenner’s transformation. But, I can’t speak to those topics quite like I can others. I can be passionate about them. I can be heartbroken for the precious black lives that have ended senselessly.

But I cannot be an authority on matters that I have not gone through.

Another current hot-topic is abortion. Now that I can be an authority on. And I will speak about it, unapologetically, for forever and a day.

This is an issue close to my heart. I wrote candidly about my two abortions in my book. I get the why behind abortions. I understand the pain before, during, and after an abortion. I get the frustrations from both sides of the abortion camp… I honestly do.

I also have seen how my abortion story has rescued, yes rescued, many women’s, and men’s, hearts who have been burdened for years from abortions. When you have been living in years of shame and regret and find someone who has walked your road and has found the freedom you’ve been longing for… You find hope.

There is power in our stories.

And because of that I want to get my book into as many hands as possible. Not for me – but for the one who has been praying for freedom, forgiveness, peace… hope.

And now I am asking for your help. For every 5 people that share about my book, I will give away a signed copy. All you need to do is reply to this post, include the link of your sharing with your friends, family, and anyone else you feel may benefit from my story.

I will continue to give away books as long as people are sharing. For every 5 shares this week (Aug 10-14), I will give away 1 signed copy of my book. So share like crazy! Not because I want people to own my book, but because I want women that have gone through what I’ve gone through to find the same freedom I have found!

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