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Today was a good day. I wasn’t feeling well this morning, so I slept in till 8:15. I slept in. I don’t care if it was because I wasn’t feeling well. It’s a win, folks!

Then I cleaned our apartment, which doesn’t take long because it’s small. Another win!

And then, I got to go grocery shopping! And y’all know how much I love to do that!

This shopping trip was a little different. We went to the food pantry again – which is great. We are so grateful for people who give to these organizations! We have donated countless times, as I’m sure many of you have. It is a much-needed service, and it lightens the weight of thousands every day. So, thank you!

Anyway, my usual shopping habits are, well, habits. I typically purchase the same items and make the same meals. We’ve found our food-groove at the Hodge-Lodge. So today presented a welcomed challenge as I found myself faced with unfamiliar foods. Not bad food, at all. Just different than I buy.

I grabbed some olives, tomato soup, peanut butter – a huge jar of peanut butter in fact! Thank you to that generous donor. May God bless you a bonus 18 ounces! I grabbed some macaroni and cheese (haven’t had that in the house in years) and then, canned chicken.

I’ve never had canned chicken before, at least not that I’m aware.

This is where it gets funny. When I opened it, it smelled like tuna. Obviously, it wasn’t tuna, and it probably didn’t really smell like it. What was funny is how trained my brain is. The only can meat I’ve ever opened is tuna – so my nose was convinced it was tuna. It was strange and entertaining!

I mixed it in with some of that classic mac n cheese, baked it, and it was delicious!

I learned something today. We, I, so easily get accustomed to our routines, to what we know, what we like, to what is comfortable. So much so, that when change comes, we resist. Sometimes change is needed. Often it is straight from the hand of God. May we never become so reliant on our ways that we refuse to consider another way might be better.

One last thing I learned today and convicted quite heavily on – When we give to organizations and make donations to food pantries, goodwill and the like – let’s give our best. Not the stained, tattered sweatpants we’ve outgrown. Or the canned spinach that expired 23 months ago.

If we’re not giving our best, then it’s not a sacrifice. It’s clearing house and self-serving. If God gives us good gifts and we are to love his children, our brothers and sisters the same, then we should give good gifts, too.

Now, give your best gifts tomorrow if you can. We have thousands of people in need right now in our country. Let’s bless them with the very best we have to offer!

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