I have a fairly deep distaste for camping. But I really dig tents. And forts are kind of like tents only they’re blankets, and forting is kind of like camping only it’s not. So, it’s perfect for people like me who dislike camping.

If you’ve known me online for a while you might remember the Fort Building Contests I hosted for a few years. They were a blast!! 

Well, It’s on again folks! We are all gonna fort and not be ashamed about it!

You don’t have to be a kid to fort. Adults fort, too.  So lets fort!

Here are the guidelines:

  • To participate, join my Newsletter. You will get Fort info and random surprises there. You must be a part of the Newsletter to qualify to win.
  • This will be a contest. There will be winners. Three of them!
  • Your fort must be built inside your home.
  • Someone from your home must sleep in it for, at least, one night.
  • Any materials from the inside of your home may be used.
  • The deadline to submit your pictures and/or video will be Tuesday, February 16th. Submissions after this date will not be considered. Submit to writetamhodge@gmail.com
  • Have fun with this! Involve your entire family and friends! 
  • Post pics online of your progress and use the hashtag #iForted (It’s ok… you can do it!)

Y’all, please have fun with this!! This will be a blast!

Stay tuned for more info via the Newsletter.

I leave you with our Fort Video from 2009!

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