"I have found out the hard
way that the path from
victim to victory hinges
on one word… Choose."

About Tam

I've never liked writing "About Me" or "Bio" pages, yet here I am attempting to write something that will awe you and lure you into my world. The short version of me - I'm a mess. But I'm a beautiful, redeemed, free and forgiven mess. I have hurt others and have been hurt by others. I've done things I am not proud of. Even so, I am an overcomer. I am funny - like, hilarious at times; it's what keeps me sane. I am honest. I waste no time because time is precious and is not in our control. We've got one shot at this life - let's live it on purpose, with purpose and let's slide into our last day gritty and dirty knowing we left it all on the table!

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