I was asked a very complex, yet simple, question last week during an interview. At first I tensed up then I exhaled and realized, this is far more simple than we are making it out to be.

Tam… What do you think it will take to end abortion?

[Insert that tension quickly followed by a long exhale]


When we decide to choose to value our own lives then, perhaps, our minds and hearts will begin to shift. And I don’t mean valuing our here and now lives, the lives that we have built to this point; our accomplishments, our degrees, our statuses, our homes, our charities, our children. I mean valuing our total life. Valuing every single moment that was required to get to where we are today. That kind of value. Not a surface value, but a pull-back-the-layers-of-reality value and begin respecting when that first layer began.

You see… @@When something is valuable then it is important@@, right? So I ask, how can one’s life now be more important than a baby’s life within their mother? Can you have one without the other? No. No you cannot. We would not be here today without having first been in the womb. So that begs the question… Is the life within a womb not equally as important? Your value now would never have taken place had you not been valued before you were born. Again, you cannot have one without the other. 

The way I see it… When one says the life of a pre-born baby is not valuable enough to let live they are also saying their own life is not valuable. They are choosing to not remember they were once that “not valuable enough life”.

@@If your life is important now then it must have been important from the very beginning@@, because you would be nothing without that beginning.

That is what I meant when I said, Value.

See how simple it really is?

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