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And life continues to surprise me. Happy Monday, friend! As you know, we released my second book, Choosing To Change, two weeks ago. The response has been so wonderful! In fact, I had one email from a person in their late 40’s ready to start all over! Just based on my little eBook. It inspired them that much! 

But most of the responses were… “Are you planing on writing a little bible study to go along with this. I would take my group through it if you did!”

Well, alright… Challenge accepted!

So that is my next project. Adding a study to accompany Choosing To Change. And I am SO excited to put this together!!

If you have already purchased Choosing To Change, I will send you the additional study (when completed) at no charge. 

This will be a 5 week study that will help you discover the power, that already resides in you, to take the next step to big life change! And I can’t wait to offer this to you!

One request… Please pray for me as I write this addition. I need your prayers, friends. And I depend on Gods direction in this. If this study doesn’t point people to Him, and inspire the reader, then it will be a waste of time… And I never want to waste time.

As always, thank you for journeying with me. I love doing life with you!

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