“I truly believe that I have a responsibility to empathize with others dealing with OCD and Anxiety. If I can give back in some way, I am playing my part in caring for people. I want others to see that they too can find their life. I hope that even a little part of my music goes to give them a sense of hope.” – Kota Hodge

Our son, Kota, was born a sweet spirit. From the very beginning he has been extremely sensitive to others and how they’re feeling. Even now, at age 19, he is still the same. He’ll come downstairs in the morning – look at me and know something’s off and won’t hesitate to ask and then offer to fix it. 

Two years ago he was diagnosed with Anxiety Induced OCD – a mental disorder. Heartbreaking for our family. We knew early on he struggled with something, we just didn’t know what it was.

Music always seemed to help him. Kota began playing drums at age 3. He is self taught. He would spend hours in his room practicing every day. He always pours every bit of him into every bit of what he does. He messed around with other instruments but we had no idea he knew how to actually play them till this year. The kid is full of surprises. The biggest surprise… He can sing!

When we learned, back in March of this year, that he rarely sleeps at night – it broke our hearts. He is plagued with routines, rituals, mental threats of to-do’s… to the point of believing if he doesn’t do A, B, and C – something bad will happen. He thought he was insane.

No parent wants to learn these things about their child.

Fortunately, he discovered that music calmed his brain. So he took to writing in the nighttime hours. Every night. For the last 4 months he has poured himself into music, his midnight therapy. And it has birthed a beautiful story... His first EP.

And now Kota is courageously putting this effort out there and asking for your help to complete it. And in typical Kota fashion… he doesn’t want your help without giving you something in return. 

Visit his page to learn more about his project and ways you can be a part of it!!





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